You have
a Vision

for a business
that matters to you!

are you ready for
magic + expertise
to help you
make it happen?

Your business matters.

The vision you have for your business was given to you for a reason. I believe you are uniquely qualified to be the creative, visionary leader of your business. You may not be able to fully articulate your vision or feel confident about it yet… but it was meant for you. Building a business that makes a difference and helps people is a deep & worthy aspiration.

You’re meant to be an original.

You likely don’t resonate with traditional ways of building a business. Maybe you’ve already experienced other traditional ways and it hasn’t felt good to you. There’s a reason for that. You’re meant to forge a different path — to be an untraditional business who works in a different way.

You’re not meant to do it alone.

Choosing to be in business isn’t for everyone. Being in business and doing it differently isn’t the right path for just anyone. It takes dedication, commitment and a willingness to change. Women who feel called to do things differently already possess the inner strength, resilience and courage and simply need resources to bolster them  —  because you are not meant to do this work alone.


The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.

– Sarah Ban Breathnach

I’ve always been a dreamer & a thinker

…and now a recovering over-doer

Hi, I’m Kim.

kb bioI help independent, conscious & sensitive women become clear, confident communicators while teaching them how to be savvy business women who feel liberated in their businesses.

I collaborate with my clients to co-create the vision they want for their business. Many of my clients work with me long-term for several months or years. I help women activate the power & potential for what they are uniquely qualified to do. Together we find the balance they want between enjoying their businesses and achieving their growth goals.

My clients enjoy going deep and I offer them a safe, nurturing space to share, explore and show up as they are. They know together we’ll calm their chaos, tune into their true needs and sort out solutions that will elevate them to their next level of growth or improvement.


Business savvy meets personal growth.
My professional expertise & perceptive insights assist you with clarifying and communicating your vision & needs while getting better results than doing it on your own.

I’m invested in personal & professional excellence.  
My clients know I’m invested in my own development first to serve them better. I share what I’ve learned from my own experiences and we find what works best for them.

I am a sensitive, inquisitive & strategic.
I’m also a bit of a rebel and don’t often follow what’s trendy — just because that’s what everyone else does. My life’s journey has strengthened me with gifts that I now use to compassionately understand, encourage & champion others who want to embrace their own differences.

clarify. communicate. create.

I bring nurturing guidance & expertise to support women who are ready to liberate themselves. Women who want to be confident, feminine leaders with a clear vision for building a business that matters with love, courage & purpose.

The expertise I offer is a synergistic blend of mentoring, marketing & creative services suited for solo & micro businesswomen. My methods are individualized & tailored to your unique needs. I offer a nurturing, non-judgemental space to show up as you are to receive exactly what you need.

We connect & collaborate to uncover what matters most to you. I’m your guide through the journey of clarifying your vision, illuminating a path for you to travel and adapting for what you learn along the way.

I provide the guidance, structure and solutions. You decide the pace, focus and evolution of our work together.

Our first step together is to connect for a Clarity Call to see if we’re a good energetic fit.


Are you experiencing obstacles, overwhelm or decision fatigue in your business?
If you’re feeling the need for some guidance to calm the crazy-making in your business you’re in the right place! I offer quick solutions & support to help DIYers get sh*t done. You can save loads of time researching or kick procrastination to the curb so you can get better, professional results!

Are you ready to short-cut learning with a really patient teacher? 
I offer business-boosting “Done with You” training & education so you can clarify your needs, discover solutions that match your capacity & resources — and learn exactly what you need to know.


Do you struggle with clarity for your true needs or direction?

I offer an intensive experience that offers a deep dive exploration and in-depth process that carefully guides you to capture your vision, needs and desires. Together we translate what you envision into a simple roadmap that feels aligned and actionable.

You’ll learn how to transform confusion & chaos into a clear, uncluttered focus that creates a business breakthrough. You’ll walk away feeling clear, confident and compelled to take enlightened action on your next steps.


What would it mean for your business if you could create magical momentum in one day? Design Days are a fast-action solution for busy, business owners who want to accelerate their progress on important business goals.

What can we ignite for your business in a day? A Design Day experience is tailored to your unique needs, business goals and all the details are handled for you – clarity coaching, savvy strategy, creative alchemy and digital wizardry to ignite your business momentum.


What do you need to elevate or evolve for yourself and your business so you can create better experiences for your clients?

Many of the clients I’ve worked express a desire for…

  • a safe, nurturing space to explore their emotional & energetic needs
  • individualized guidance & accountability to make steady progress
  • expertise & education tailored to their needs so they can evolve
  • structure & organization to help them channel their vision into practical actions that create growth & momentum for their business

This private mentor program is tailored to your business goals & paced to your personal needs. If you’re interested in learning more let’s connect to discuss if it’s a fit for you and your business.

Interested in working together?

We begin with a clarity conversation so I can learn more about you and your business needs.

If I think I can help we’ll discuss how it works, decide your best fit and how to get started together.

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